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The Road To FeroCity


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If you knew him better then you might call it an act of kindness, but you probably don’t want to know him better. Numb Tongue is a seven-foot-something, cocaine addicted, MMA nut who runs his own fight club. He is also sergeant-at-arms for the London based outlaw motorcycle club, Aberrant MC, and, every five years, he and the club make the run to far off Fero City, where, in order to avert a terrible and bloody war, Numb Tongue must do battle to the death with an orc champion.

Yes, an orc.

It’s not exactly what Vincent, Scarecrow, Dum Dum and The General were expecting when they started prospecting for the club, but then they’re not exactly normal prospects. Dum Dum may not be particulary bright, but he’s built like a Sherman tank and equipped with a punch that could knock out elephants. And Scarecrow may be a pacifist, but his lightening reflexes, so fast he can catch flies in flight, serve the dual purposes of preserving his annoyingly good looks, and making his opponents look utterly foolish should they make the mistake of taking a swing at him. Vincent, meanwhile, has an invisibility ring, which would be fantastic if he could just figure out how it works and stop getting knocked off his bike. In fairness, The General is just a wanker.

Fraught with dangerous twists and turns, The Road To Fero City takes the outlaw club to a place where there are no laws (and no toilets). Well, actually there are nine laws, and two by-laws, but they mostly concern magic and the horrible ways in which you’ll die if you attempt to use any. And that’s the least of their problems right now. First they must face the assassins who want their president dead.

In the place where sci-fi/fantasy meets biker pulp fiction – where Sons Of Anarchy meets Lord Of The Rings – you’ll find Aberrant MC on The Road To Fero City. You’ll hear them coming and they’re in quite a hurry so you may be wise to keep out of their way.


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